Hi, I'm Jez Lerman, an award-winning professional photographer. I make fleeting moments last forever.


Wedding Photography

My style is completely candid. My small cameras allow me to be unobtrusive, perfect for capturing the key story telling moments of your day.

I use flash sparingly during the ceremony so as not to draw attention, except later, when I’m photographing family and group shots.

I have an absolute love and driven passion for photographing special moments. It’s in my DNA 🙂

I make myself as invisible and low-key as possible, quickly blending in as a guest or attendee. It is my joy and pleasure to capture the action, reactions, essence, and atmosphere of whatever is in front of me.

The moments I photograph occur for less than a split second – a glance of affection here, a spontaneous burst of joy there. Captured with my camera, I make these special moments last forever. This is why I absolutely love my job 🙂 

Whether viewed in an online gallery or in a printed luxury album, these special moments – or Big Picture Stories as I call them – will help you instantly recall the emotion, mood and atmosphere of the day.

Editorial and Lifestyle Reportage

I shoot editorial and magazine story assignments for a variety of international newspapers, agencies and companies.

Clients include Press Association, La Vanguardia, Daily Mail, Daily Express, IBM, Sun Microsystems, HP, Manchester Evening News, Bury Times, Oldham Evening Chronicle, Israel Scene, Al HaMishmar and Israel Travel Company.

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I’m available in Israel, the UK, Europe and beyond. 

Thank you for getting in touch, I'm happy to answer any of your questions :-)


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